This webpage was an early test and it's no longer maintained. Please go to the current webpage for the book.

This book is published by Cambridge University Press, 2023.

Click here to download the pre-publication PDF (Feb. 11, 2023).

This webpage collects material from lectures given at EPFL for the course MATH-512 in spring 2023. A semester runs for 14 weeks. Almost every week has a lecture and an exercise session, which each last 90-95 minutes. The students further learn the material by completing two extensive projects.

You can choose to order the material by category (topic) or by week (lecture).

You can change the playback speed of videos (play faster, slower): see controls at the bottom-right of the video panel. You can also download the videos.

I gratefully acknowledge EPFL's CEDE for video post-production!

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